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1,101 Tenant-Occupied Homes For Sale In Calgary – July 6, 2022

Have your Realtor Filter the MLS® System for all Tenant-Occupied Homes

1,101 Properties Listed For Sale in Calgary that are Rental Properties currently rented. Lots of opportunities to consider for new and seasoned landlords.
Add more filters like a price range, property types and areas to narrow the list of rental properties to consider.

Today in Calgary, there are over one thousand homes listed on the MLS® System as Tenant Occupied. The owners of these homes are not large corporations. The owners are commonly referred to as mom-and-pop investors. To be a bit more accurate most owners are just ordinary Calgary Real Estate Investors.

Calgary Real Estate Investors are people who have bought one or more properties with the goal of generating a return on their investment.

Calgary Real Estate - Tenant Occupied Properties

Why are Investors selling Tenant Occupied Homes?

Turn-Key Business Opportunity

Life changes. Constantly life changes. Real Estate Investors have lives that change. Changing lives is the #1 cause of the 1,101 Tenant Occupied Homes to be listed for sale today in Calgary.

Some of these Tenant Occupied homes for sale offer Calgary Real Estate Investors a great Turn-Key Investment Opportunity. Turn-Key means you get to buy a going concern. A tenant-occupied property is much like buying an open and operating business.

A single-family tenant-occupied home is very much a going concern business. It has the same things any business has. It has assets to generate income to pay expenses with a healthy profit expectation.

I like to start with the income potential of a property. The rent you can receive from a property makes it work. In Calgary, one of the first places most investors research current market rates for rental properties is 

Crunching the numbers and putting together a business plan for your first-income property business is easy. All the information you need to evaluate any investment property is public.

Homes For Rent websites show you income potential as well as what the competition is doing. Researching the income side first is key to making a smart real estate business investment. Find answers to questions like Where are the most vacancies, what style of homes are in short supply, do furnished homes generate higher revenue, etc.

Investing in Real Estate is a business, the most successful investors operate one or many homes with a business owner’s mindset.

Calgary Real Estate - Tenant Occupied Properties

Successful Real Estate Investors Know Their Numbers

Successful business owners know their numbers cold. Knowing your numbers cold removes fear and uncertainty. Knowing your numbers cold raises your investment confidence levels, putting you in a position to capitalize on the next real estate investment.

Use The bank’s money to buy Real Estate.

A lot of Real Estate Investors realized that owning their home was a great investment. Then figured out that owning a similar home with the bank as a partner and a tenant paying off the bank was even better.

Real Estate Investments offer a chance to leverage an investor’s money.

Leverage is where you put up 20 cents, and the bank puts up 80 cents per dollar. On a $400,000 property investment, you would put in $80,000, and the bank would put up $320,000.

The bank collects rent (mortgage interest) from you on the $320,000 by way of a mortgage registered against the property. If you fail to pay the rent on the money, the bank takes the house (foreclosure).

You collect rent on the property and pay all other expenses like property tax, insurance, and maintenance. You get the benefit of property appreciation, and any cash left after monthly expenses.

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