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2022 October Calgary Real Estate Market Stats for Home Buyers, Sellers & Investors

October 2022 ended with 4,017 homes left on the Calgary Real Estate Market. Sales and listings are both down from October 2021. The daily average units sold was down vs last year. However, the percentage of total listings was up from 42% to 46%. 

What does this mean? Not much to anybody that is in the market once every 5 to 10 years. The ebb and flow of the market changes are caused by so many variables that the best we can do as Realtors is to give you a snapshot for whatever day it is. Beyond that, we are all just guessing.

It’s like that old saying that you can never step into the same river twice because the water is always flowing. The Calgary Real Estate Market is always flowing as well. The only stats that matter to you is when you are stepping into the flow.

There are a few things that seem like consistent rules. More people buy and sell in the spring, so Real Estate could be considered seasonal. When listings go up, buyers take control. When listings go down, Sellers take control. Rising interest rates push down prices making banks richer and consumers poorer. The number one reason people move is because life happens! Location, Location, Location is still a huge factor in values, right before the condition of the property. Nobody ever bought a home because the marketing was better marketing than other homes. 99% of Marketing is Price.

Real Estate is like life. You win some, and you lose some. When you have us on your side, we can increase your odds of winning whatever the market is like when you are ready to step into it.


Calgary Real Estate - 2022 Oct Market Stats
Calgary Real Estate Market Snapshot October 31, 2022

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