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Calgary Real Estate - Best Calgary Communities

Explore the Best Communities of Calgary Alberta

How the City started and Continues To Grow Community by Community

The City of Calgary covers a lot of ground like most large cities in Canada. As the city expanded from the downtown core, it added new communities in an ever-widening circle. The downtown core was once home to many single-family homes. The homes are long gone, replaced by the towering high-rise office and residential condo towers.

Calgary was once divided North and South only by the world-famous Bow River flowing from the Rocky Mountains through the city center. Then as it continued its growth, it became divided east and west by Center St. Calgary was then known for its four quadrants of North West, North East, South West and South East.

With every growth spurt, the City of Calgary was adding new communities or sub-divisions, as some call them. Each community became a snapshot in time for the style of homes by active home builders and city bylaws of that time.

Starting at the center of Calgary and driving out to the City limits in any direction, you will see the landscape of home styles change from the old to brand new.

Now you know how Calgary has expanded in every direction from the center with different styles of homes in different communities.

Home Pricing in Calgary’s Best Communities

The different communities and subdivisions also play a big part in establishing home prices. An identical home can vary in cost from one side of Calgary to the other. Also, from community to community by a very wide margin.

The average price of a basic Calgary Bungalow changes depending on its exact location in Calgary.

Working with a Realtor that knows and can show you the numbers, also known as facts, will help you make a sound investment in your next property.

Here is a map of every community in Calgary.

Calgary Community MLS Map
Calgary Community Map Download

How Calgary Real Estate Agents Use the Community Maps

The map above is used by the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) Real Estate Agents. It has six segments, each with many communities. Most home buyers that are new to Calgary start with a City-wide search for a home within their budget. Next, as time goes on, the search is narrowed to only a few choice communities that suit their lifestyle.

Explore The Best Communities of Calgary Alberta

Exploring The Best Communities of Calgary Alberta means exploring all Calgary Communities. The best community is a personal choice. Explore them all to find yours. See all they have to offer visitors and residents alike.

Every community in Calgary is unique, and most have a small-town feel to them. In most communities, you will find restaurants, dog parks, shopping, schools, churches, medical offices, parks, hiking and biking trails and more within walking distance. A few communities in Calgary feature man-made lakes with lakefront properties.

When you need a Realtor to Find the Best Calgary Community for You and Your Family

When you are ready to explore homes for sale in Calgary’s best communities, contact us, we have the resources and experience to help you buy your next home with confidence.

Calgary Real Estate - Best Calgary Communities
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