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What is a Calgary Bungalow?

At one time in Calgary, bungalows were the only new type of home available. Entire communities like Fairview, Acadia and Haysboro were filled with nothing but bungalows. Many other communities in Calgary built at the turn of the last century also featured bungalows. A typical bungalow was 900 to 1200 square feet on the main floor with an equal amount of space in the basement. Most were built on lots from 50 feet wide to 100 feet deep. Upgraded bungalows came with finished basements and detached car garages.

Bungalows for Sale In Calgary Alberta

Over 50 years later, these homes are extremely popular. When they were built, they were on the fringe of the City of Calgary. Today most are in communities considered inner city.

Some original owners still own and occupy a lot of Calgary Bungalows. Some have been passed on to family members who grew up in these communities.

When bungalows come up for sale in Calgary, they range in condition from stuck in a time capsule to fully renovated, with home prices to match.

At some point in the future, when the land becomes more valuable, Calgary’s beautiful mid-century bungalows will make way for bulldozers and new infills.

New infills in communities closer to downtown Calgary are the future for many prized bungalow homes of today. 

Adding a rentable secondary suite in the basement of a bungalow has become very popular. Many older owners want to stay in these great homes as they both age. Having tenants in the previously unused basement helps top-up pensions. Tenants tend to be younger and are happy to shovel snow and cut grass for a break in the rent.

Adding a secondary suite helps a lot of people out. Suites need tradespeople to buy and install the materials required to create attractive rentable secondary suites. The local economy says thanks for that. Young people get a decent place to live with great parking until they are ready to buy a home. Owners can head south for the warm winter weather if they want, knowing that the house is not empty. Snow shovelling and grass cutting can be negotiated as part of the rent. 

The bungalows of yesterday are becoming increasingly popular with folks who want a great home in a great location. Not too large that you need to hire a cleaning crew and not too small, bungalows are wanted. 

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Calgary Bungalows For Sale

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