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Calgary Homes Sales as of March 31, 2022

Daily Average Sales drop from 185 in Feb to 133 in March. However, total sales for the month of March reach what has to be an all-time high for the City of Calgary Real Estate Agents. 4,124 homes in Calgary got claimed by new owners. The Calgary Real Estate Market for those in it right now, feels like an Instant Pot Pressure Cooker that just popped its top. I predict the market will continue like this until it stops. Sorry, that is the best I can say today. 🙂  

Calgary Real Estate - 2022 Mar Market Stats

Detached Homes Sales Calgary as of March 31, 2022

Detached Home Sales in Calgary continue to lead the stampede of home buyers even though the daily average for the month dropped to 73.5 units per day. Sales still outpace supply. Detached homes are the gold in the local real estate market. Owning the land the house is built on seems to be what most savvy buyers want. No condo fees or neighbours on the other side of the walls. Backyard BBQs are superior and safer than balcony BBQs. Hot Tubs have become as hot as the housing market during covid. You need a yard for a Hot Tub. Call Marc Grenier at Paradise Bay for yours. 

Calgary Real Estate - 2022 Mar Market Stats

Attached Homes Sales Calgary as of March 31, 2022

Attached homes are selling at a pace that is surprising but not surprising. As the second choice category for most home buyers, attached homes have always lagged the detached home market. Not last month. Sales outpaced supply for the first time in this agent’s memory. More attached homes sold last month than the supply we ended the month with. That has never happened before in Calgary. The 100-Year Townhouse Flood is on in Calgary Real Estate Market. The second choice category has become the first choice category for many new eager homeowners and real estate investors. Condo fees are typically low because no utilities are included. There are a lot of great townhomes in Calgary, with some real ugly ones hiding amongst them. Be careful out there. Work with the protection of a savvy Real Estate Agent like Jerry Charlton. 

Calgary Real Estate - 2022 Mar Market Stats

Condo Homes Sales Calgary as of March 31, 2022

Calgary Condos are reaping the overflow of buyers from the detached and attached markets. Don’t be fooled into thinking that all of a sudden, everybody wants a condo. That’s not the case. Condos are selling because that’s all that is left for most people. The condo market looks good right now. It is a great time to unload the one you have been sitting on for years, waiting for the market to turn. If you are buying a condo and have never bought a condo before, then you need to learn about a lot of things. What is a reserve fund? What is a reserve fund study? What are post-tension cables? What is the difference between titled and non-titled parking stalls? What is a condo board? Who decides how much the condo fees are? Who decides how to spend the condo fees? There is a lot to learn as you do your buyer due diligence when buying a condo. Do not buy a condo without the help of an experienced agent that is looking out for your best interests always. Like Jerry Charlton of course! 

Calgary Real Estate - 2022 Mar Market Stats

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