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The Top 5 Places We Can Help You Find Cheap Calgary Homes For Sale 

  1. Bank Foreclosures & Court-Ordered Sales
  2. Vacant and Abandoned Calgary Properties
  3. Tenant Occupied / Rental Properties / Landlord Home Sales
  4. Estate and Probate Home Sales by Executors of Wills
  5. Divorcing Home Owners Who Want To Sell Fast and Get On With Their Lives

Bank Foreclosures and Court Ordered Sales are at the top of the list. People have visions of banks sitting on tons of properties that they are willing to sell cheaply. It’s a myth in Canada that banks sell homes cheaply. Let’s clear this one up right away. Banks do not sell homes cheaply in Canada. If you hear a story of someone buying a home cheap because it was a foreclosure, the real story is it was cheap because that was all it was worth in the condition it was in. Chasing foreclosure deals is like chasing ghosts. Good Luck with that.

Calgary Real Estate - Cheap Calgary Homes

Vacant and Abandoned Calgary Properties should be high on the list. Why is the home vacant? Who’s paying the taxes, utilities, insurance and maybe a mortgage while the home sits empty. We know it’s not a bank with deep pockets that can wait forever. Vacant properties have a story. Finding out what the story is can lead to an opportunity to make money when you buy those types of homes. Put vacant properties high on your list.

Where To Find Alberta Foreclosures

Tenant Occupied Landlord Home Sales should not be overlooked. Why is the landlord selling? What’s the story? Is it a bad tenant? Is it a retiring landlord? Is it a couple of owners going in different directions? Finding out why these landlords are selling can present some amazing opportunities. Few landlords have any emotional attachment to these homes. They have usually made lots of money already, so aren’t trying to squeeze every last dime out of it. Overlooking Tenant Occupied Properties in your search for Calgary Real Estate Deals is not a good idea.

tenant occupied properties

Estate and Probate Home Sales happen because the owner has died. Someone or a bunch of people have inherited the property. If it’s on the market, it’s because they want the money, not the house. It’s very common for battling siblings to inherit property and want it sold quickly. Time is more important than money to some. Estate Sales can be great opportunities to snag a good deal.

foreclosure property types
Calgary Real Estate - Cheap Calgary Homes

Divorcing Home Owners Who Want To Sell Fast is by far the number 1 opportunity to make money buying a home. Money is always an issue, but so is just getting things wrapped up so both parties can move on with their lives. Ask any seasoned Realtor where the best deals are, it’s always divorces.

The only way to tell if any of these types of sellers are offering a potential deal is to compare their offering to the recently sold data of similar properties in that area.

We Can Help You With All Of This – Find, Compare, Is It A Deal?

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