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Finding Great Tenants Checklist

Here is a checklist that can be used to find high-quality tenants for your Calgary Rental Properties.

Create a detailed rental application form: A comprehensive rental application form can help you gather all the necessary information about potential tenants, including their employment, income, credit history, and rental history.

Check credit and criminal backgrounds: Running credit and criminal background checks can help you weed out any potential tenants who have a history of financial instability or criminal activity.

Verify employment and income: Verify the employment and income of potential tenants to ensure they have a steady source of income to pay rent.

Conduct a reference check: Contact previous landlords or personal references to get a sense of the tenant’s character and reliability as a renter.

Set a minimum credit score: Establish a minimum credit score requirement for potential tenants to ensure they have a history of responsible credit behaviour.

Set a minimum income requirement: Set a minimum income requirement that is two or three times the monthly rent to ensure the tenant can afford to pay the rent.

Screen for pets and smoking: Determine whether or not pets or smoking will be allowed on the property and screen potential tenants accordingly.

Conduct a property walk-through: Conduct a walk-through of the property with potential tenants to ensure they understand the rules and regulations of the property and to assess their level of responsibility and cleanliness.

Have a clear lease agreement: Make sure your lease agreement is clear and covers all important details, including rent payment schedules, late fees, security deposit, and lease termination.

Have a tenant screening policy in place: Have a clear tenant screening policy in place that outlines the criteria for approving or denying potential tenants.

By following this checklist, landlords can find high-quality tenants who are reliable, responsible, and able to maintain the property in good condition.

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