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99% of Marketing A Home For Sale In Calgary Is Price

Selling a home can be stressful for the calmest people amongst us. If it were easy, Realtors would be looking for a new line of work long ago. The three most important things about any property for sale are Location, Condition and Price.

Calgary Real Estate - 99% of Marketing is Price.

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The location you are stuck with. If you are on a busy street or backing onto a busy street, it will take longer to sell. It will take longer to sell if you are in a lousy community. If you are next to a commercial property, it will take longer to sell. If your neighbours look like they might be an issue, it will take longer to sell. If you are not in a perfect spot in a great community, it will take longer to sell. The best you can do with location is to create exceptional curb appeal. Win the beauty contest for a lousy location, and it will help you sell!

The Beauty Contest leads directly into the Condition of your property. Compared to no control over the location, you have absolute control over the condition. Be honest with yourself first. Ask some of your blunt friends for their opinion. I guarantee that no matter how great you think your house is, it isn’t! Sellers see the sunshine, whereas buyers see every cloud, including the faint ones. A seller has blurred vision. Buyers have Eagle Eyes. Your first priority should be to hire cleaners to do a detailed cleaning of the entire house. Clean sells. Very few buyers get excited knowing they get to clean the house as soon as they buy it. Sell the house and not a “To Do” list!

The Price is a fun topic at every listing appointment. Home Prices revolve around current market conditions. Is it a buyer or seller’s market? Are Interest rates low or high? Are interest rates headed up or down? Are people wearing shorts or shovelling snow? Is employment stable or a bit shaky? Home Prices have so many variables it is impossible to come up with an exact price. The best that can be done is a Price Range. Then decide where within that range will cause the most amount of showings that eventually lead to a firm sale.

99% of Marketing is Price. Marketing is not fancy brochures or open houses. It’s amusing when the same people who bought the house based on price now think they can fool someone into paying above-market value with pretty pictures and gimmicks. The next people to buy a home are using the same criteria as you did. The Price is Right for what you get.

Calgary Real Estate - 99% of Marketing is Price.

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