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Most real estate transactions in Calgary have two law firms involved. One law firm for the buyer and another for the seller. When two law firms are involved, each is looking out for the best interests of their respective clients. Neither the buyer nor seller is well represented when only one firm is involved.

Many law firms specialize in Real Estate Transactions and can solve most issues that could hold up a sale. All law firms can process a real estate transaction, but some are obviously better trained than others.

Discount lawyers can be found, but like anything cheap, is it really worth the risk? The law firms that specialize in real estate are the ones most recommended by this Realtor®.

The lawyers are there to protect you from any funny business that might be going on. It’s hard to pull the wool over the eyes of the lawyers I recommend.

As a Realtor, I want a law firm that knows its stuff inside and out. They must also have a long track record of great communication with my clients and me.

The lawyers that specialize in real estate are very competitive with each other when it comes to pricing. Price should be one consideration, but not before competency. The biggest investment of most people’s lives needs the insurance a quality law firm gives.

The firm I recommend first is Clark & Clark. I consider them part of my Real Estate Team because they pick up the phone anytime I call with a tough question or concern on behalf of my clients. Whether it’s dealing with foreclosures, probate sales, out-of-country clients, out-of-province clients, questionable real property reports, multi-page property titles, taxes, or anything remotely shady looking, they get the job done.

Buying, selling and investing in Real Estate doesn’t need to be scary or stressful. Having the right people working as a team on your behalf offers much-needed peace of mind.

Lawyers play a key role in making sure your real estate experience is a good one! Choose Wisely, My Friends.

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