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Questions People Ask About Calgary Alberta Realtor® Fees And Commissions

Here is an example of Realtor® Fees most common in Calgary. The fees are part of the sale price of most MLS® listed homes. The Home Buyer pays the Home Seller, who then pays the Realtors®.
* Home prices reported by the Real Estate Industry include Realtor® Fees.
* Homes sold outside of the MLS® System do not include Realtor® Fees.

A Home Buyer has paid the full Price for a home. 600,000
Realtor® Fees – 7% on the first $100,000 7,000
Realtor® Fees – 3% on the Balance15,000
Total Realtor Fees deducted from the Sale Proceeds
and split 50 / 50 between the Seller and Buyers Realtors®
+ GST1,100
Home Seller Net Proceeds -> $600k – $23,100 = 576,900
Realtor® Fees

Homes sold outside of the MLS® System will not include fees or commissions.

The buyer and seller fight over the commission. The unrepresented buyer is taking a risk, focusing on the small amount of commissions paid. They could be overlooking some other nasty, costly surprises that lead to buyer regret.

  • Can I sell my house in Calgary on MLS® and pay no Realtor® Fees?
    • No, there are always some fees to pay
  • How are Realtor® Fees Calculated In Alberta?
    • Most Common is 7 and 3.  7% on the First $100k and 3% on the Balance of Sold Price. 
  • Does The Buyer Pay A Realtor® Commission in Alberta?
    • Buyers really do pay 100% because the commission is in the sale price most of the time.
  • Who pays the Realtor® Fees, the home buyer or the home seller?
    • The Seller pays the fees out of the sale proceeds received from the home buyer.
  • Why are Calgary Real Estate Commissions so high?
    • Real Estate is a Business, and no business works for free
  • Are 1% and 2% Realty Companies Legit?
    • Is any company legit? 
  • What Calgary Realty Company has the lowest Commissions?
    • Companies do not set commissions; Individual Realtors Negotiate Commissions.
  • Are CIR Realty and Exp Realty Discount Brokerages?
    • CIR and Exp Realty have Realtors offering discounts and those that do not discount. 
  • Are Remax Commissions worth it?
    • Remax does not set commissions. Realtors do.
  • How is the Realtor®’s Commission Calculated?
    • It could be a flat rate, % of the Sale Price or a combination of the two. Commissions are Negotiable.
  • Can You Negotiate Your Realtors®’ Commission?
    • Yes
  • How much are closing costs in Alberta?
    • Set aside $1,600 plus GST for legal fees, and you should be ok 
  • Is there GST on Realtor® Fees in Alberta?
    • Yes, GST applies to Real Estate Fees, but not the price of a resale home
  • Does the Buyer pay Realtor® Fees in Canada?
    • Fees are included in the price 99% of the time, so Yes
  • How much are lawyer fees when buying a Calgary, Alberta house?
    • They vary and will be a combination of a flat rate plus disbursements
  • What percentage do most Realtors® charge?
    • All fees are Negotiable. In Calgary, we see 7% on the First $100k and 3% On The Balance Of The Sale Price, most often.
  • Are commissions paid on gross or net?
    • the gross sale price of the home
  • How do you solve commission problems?
    • Problems are rare and are usually solved by the Realtor and the Broker  
  • How do Calgary Alberta Real Estate Commissions work?
    • Very well, in my experience. Commissions allow the transfer of properties to go smoothly almost 100% of the time.
  • Do Realtors keep 100% of the commission they collect in Calgary?
    • No, Never – Commission cheques are like your paycheque. Realtors get what’s left after taxes, fees, expenses, business overhead costs, etc. 

More Answers To Questions People Ask About Calgary Alberta Realtor® Real Estate Fees & Commissions

It is against the law to have fixed Realtor® Fees And Commissions In Calgary. Real Estate Fees Are Negotiated Between Calgary Home Sellers, Calgary Home Buyers, And Calgary Realtors®.

The selling price of any home on the Alberta MLS® System included the Real Estate Commissions plus GST. The fee could have been zero, or 1%, or 2%, or $2,500, or $8,550, or 7% on the first $100,000 and 3.5% on the balance of the sale price, or any other creative commission calculation you could imagine.

There Is No Set Fee For Real Estate Commissions In Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Remax, Century 21, Royale Lepage, CIR Realty, Exp Realty, Sotheby’s, 1% Realty, 2% Realty, 3% Realty, and hundreds of other Alberta Real Estate Companies are prohibited by law from fixing commission rates. The above companies and their Realtors® all want your business and will negotiate your Real Estate Commissions.

Calgary Home Buyers pay 100% of the Reator® Fees because it’s included in the Home Selling Price. It’s like the markup on any product you buy at a retail store.

Some Calgary Realtors® claim they won’t negotiate commissions. Real Estate Trainers and Coaches charge Realtors® thousands of dollars to learn how to “Protect Commissions.” Talk to a few Reatlors®, and you hear the same old scripts. How if they are not tough on commissions with you, they won’t be tough on Calgary Buyers on the home price. Blah, Blah, Blah…..

The Bottom Line: All Realtor® Commissions In Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Are Negotiable.

You can get a 1% Commission deal from a Remax Realtor just as easily as from a company that calls itself 1% Realty. 2% Commissions are offered by Century 21 Realtors® just as often as from the company called 2% Realty.

Brand means nothing in Real Estate, Calgary Home Prices Rule Everything. Feel Free To Contact Me Anytime You Want The Truth About Calgary, Alberta, Real Estate Fees And Commissions.

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