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Selling A Home in Calgary For Top Dollar

Calgary Real Estate - Sell a Home for Top Dollar

Selling a home in Calgary for the most money possible means close examination of three main areas.

  • Market Supply – How’s the Market? 
  • Exterior Condition – How’s the Curb Appeal?
  • Interior Condition – A To-Do List or a Done List?

Market Supply – You do not control

The Calgary Real Estate Market will be a Seller’s Market. Buyer’s Market or Balanced Market at any given time. The best time is a Seller’s Market which means more buyers and fewer homes listed for sale. Low mortgage interest rates bring more home buyers into the market. A strong local economy creates optimism for home buyers. More people moving into your area creates additional demand that pushes up home prices. A busy Realtor® like Jerry Charlton will give you all the data you need to judge for yourself what kind of market we are currently in that is specific to your property. Supply and Demand knowledge is a powerful negotiation tool to have on your side.

Exterior Condition – You Control

The outside of homes often reflects the inside of homes. Curb appeal as some people call it is your one chance to create a positive first and lasting impression. Home buyers are like insects that prefer pretty flowers over weeds. If your home looks bad on the outside, buyers will always assume it’s neglected inside as well. Standing at the curb of your home, how does it look? The main areas of buyers’ concern are roofs, gutters, windows, doors, siding, landscaping, and overall appearance. Buyers are braggers, would they brag about your house? Remember the goal is to get the most amount of money possible selling your home. There are always other homes for sale. Does yours stand out or blend in. The standouts win every time. 

Interior Condition – You Control

Now that you have vastly improved your curb appeal it is time to ensure the interior is showroom ready. Sure it sounds like a lot of work, but that is what it takes to get the top dollar possible for your home. Start with your utility room. Buyers are looking for a clean organized area that has the support systems needed for a comfortable home. Clean the exterior of your furnace and hot water tank. If you know the date each was bought, get a marker and write the dates on them. Answer common buyers’ questions to eliminate further objections and re-negotiations after a home inspection. Hire professional cleaners to spend as much time as it takes to detail clean your entire home. By far the best return on investment when it comes to selling a home. Sure you can do it yourself, but better to hire the pros!

To Summarize

Selling a home in Calgary for the most the current market is willing to pay is largely in your control. You are not in control of the Calgary Real Estate Market. Home prices on average change very slowly as supply and demand also change slowly.  The condition of your home is the one thing you do have total control over. Is your home well maintained? Home buyers will pay more for less. Less work after they buy it! Your To-Do List lowers the value of your home. Most people will have a used car detailed before trying to sell it. Savvy home sellers do the same with their homes. You can raise or lower the value of your home much quicker than the overall market. Markets do not go up or down 10% overnight. What you do with your house however could raise or lower prices by 10% or more overnight!

  • Do not overlook the condition of your house when you are getting ready to sell.
  • Do not overthink it with grand plans of a full-on renovation.
  • Start with a thorough detailed cleaning by professionals first.
  • Turn your To-Do List into a Done List that will put more money in your pocket!
  • Keep it Simple…..

Selling Your Home in Calgary For Top Dollar Starts At Home and Is In Your Control!

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