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Selling A Home in the Winter – Pros & Cons

Calgary Winters

Selling a home in the winter is a bit more of a hassle because of the weather. But there are advantages. The total number of listings on the market gets less and less as winter sets in. Other listings are your competition. In this case, less is definitely better. There are also fewer active buyers in the winter, but the ones that are out there need to move. Not many tire kickers or looky Lou’s wasting anybody’s time. So again, less can be better. 

Prices will be what prices will be at any given time. Getting a property Sale Ready will positively impact prices more than trying to time the market. To be a successful seller at any time of year starts with the basics. We can help you with that.

Selling in the winter.

  • Allow showings at the buyer’s convenience.
  • Keep The Snow & Ice Out Of The Way
  • Have the lock box placed in a convenient easy to access spot
  • Make sure the mat inside the front door is big enough for plenty of winter boots
  • Turn the heat up a couple of notches before showings when possible
  • Turn on all indoor and outdoor lights to brighten up the property when possible
  • Get the furnaced tuned and cleaned with a completed by sticker before listing
  • Your house smells. You just don’t notice it anymore. Make it smell good, but don’t overdo it.

The easier you can make it for someone to buy, the quicker it will sell. 

  • Real Property Reports should be ordered well in advance. They can be uploaded within the listing and a copy left out for showings.
  • Condo Documents can cause issues. Get them, read them, and solve problems that could cause delays or buyers to walk away.
  • Anticipate buyer concerns and instead of offering excuses, make them non-issues if possible
  • Pre Home Inspections can shine a light on something that could cause buyers to walk away or force a re-negotiation of price.
  • Get some other opinions from people you know won’t hold back and listen closely to them. Don’t take it personally when they say something unpleasant.
  • You’re selling a house, condo or townhouse now. It’s no longer your perfect home. Get Over it!

By far, the best way to prepare to be a seller and get your home ready is to get out with your Realtor and look at at least 5 or 6 other homes buyers will have on their list along with yours.

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