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You want Feedback on the Showings of your newly MLS® Listed Home For Sale.

You’ve listed your home for sale on MLS® and had a few showings. Now you want the hear some feedback from your Realtor®. But you are hearing nothing!

Nothing is feedback. It’s telling you that the buyers who have seen your place so far are not interested in it. It tells you they are still looking at homes in your price range. They are telling you that your house is not the obvious choice for them.

And really, what could they possibly tell you that you don’t already know about your house? You know the place better than anybody who spends a few minutes breezing through it.

Your house is just one of many jumping up and down, waving and shouting, trying to get the buyer’s attention. How your house looks, feels and is priced compared to the others is what matters more than the personal opinion of some who were in your house for 20 minutes.

Calgary Real Estate - Showing Feedback is Mostly Useless

Feedback is mostly useless, and your Realtor® knows it. Get Over It! 

Ask your Realtor® to book showings of all the homes close to yours. Go and look at your competition. The buyers have, and so should you. The buyers have choices, and one choice includes doing nothing. 

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