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The Unfair Advantage Tool Uncovers Areas Of Opportunity For You.

The Unfair Advantage Works! Buy Low and Sell high works if you know what the high and low values are. Every home sold in Calgary on the MLS System has a history. We use the history of all the home sales to plot the high, low and average sold prices. We are looking for a large spread between prices. That is the area of opportunity to buy low and sell high. Our Unfair Advantage Tool allows you to filter through Calgary Communities and Home Styles to find your areas of opportunity. 

The Unfair Advantage
The Unfair Advantage Start Page – You Pick The Calgary Community and Property Type
  1. Choose a Calgary Community
  2. Choose a style of property
  3. See the Results of Recent Sales
  4. Examine the Historical Sales Charts for Areas Of Opportunity

Buy Low – Sell High Works When You Know Your Numbers!

There are always homes in every community that are below average, average and above average based mostly on the location and condition.

Keeping a home in great shape takes time, money and commitment. If any one of those is missing, a home falls below the average.

If the neighbourhood is a bit older with lots of full renovations going on, the average high price goes up.

Buy Low - Sell High Home Price Chart from 2013 to Now
Buying Below Average and Selling Above Average Works

This example is for detached homes in Acadia from 2013. As you can plainly see, there has been, for the last 10 years, a pretty wide gap between the highs and lows.

This is a textbook example of what we are looking for. A wide area of opportunity to buy low and sell high.

Acadia Calgary Recent Examples of The Unfair Advantage in Action

Here is a list of homes that have been bought and sold within a one-year time frame recently in Acadia, Calgary.

Homes Bought and Sold Using The Unfair Advantage
The Unfair Advantage Uncovers Areas Of Opportunity

The numbers don’t lie. Homes have been bought and sold with some pretty good margins. All of these homes have had some work down do them to justify the higher prices. That’s obvious, I hope.

We are just giving the buy and sold prices. The area in between is you. In the first example, someone paid $430,000 and sold for $635,000. That gave them a budget of $205,000 to work with. How that budget was spent is the difference between a profitable venture and a learning experience. 

Your job is to learn and master the in-between differences so that all your ventures in Calgary real estate are profitable.

The opportunity to buy low and sell high are in plenty of supply.

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