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Here is a report of the most recent foreclosure sales. Some of the foreclosure questions we ask and answer in this Calgary Home Sales Report are:

  • Who is the biggest seller of foreclosures?
  • What is the average sold price vs the list price percentage?
  • What is the average minimum sold-to-list price percentage?
  • What is the average maximum sold-to-list price average?

We want to know who the seller is and what they have been willing to accept in the past before we write an offer to purchase on a Calgary Foreclosure Listing.

Privacy rules prevent me from publishing the foreclosure sellers’ names on a public website. If you would like a PDF file with the names revealed, you need to send me a request.

Foreclosure Home Sales Report

Foreclosures Sold by Property Type reveal a few differences to keep in mind when thinking about making an offer to buy a foreclosure in Calgary.

Foreclosure Sales in Calgary By Property Type

A lot of these homes are sold by the courts in Alberta. The courts step into the middle of the banks and owners because the court does not trust the banks. The court does not trust that the bank will treat the current owner’s equity fairly.

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